Custom Printed Flexographic Labels for Businesses in Calgary & Beyond

At Precision Label Ltd. you can find pressure sensitive printed flexographic labels, printed film, raw tag/paper, and the exclusive distribution of Paksense data logging equipment in Western Canada. We use only the highest quality durable adhesives, including freezer adhesives that are effective even at minus 50 degrees Celsius, in our custom packaging labels. We can also customize labels, in many different sizes, shapes, and designs, for your unique requirements. Read more about the types of labels Precision Label Ltd. creates below. We provide custom products for businesses throughout Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and beyond.

Professional Equipment & Brands We Depend On
Some of the brands Precision Label Ltd. uses to create your labels include, but are not limited to:
Beer Labels
Need custom beer labels? Precision Label Ltd. can help! Your craft brewery is the hottest new spot in town. With your growing following of beer lovers you’re now ready to expand to the retail market. Before you get your one-of-a-kind beer to every liquor store in Canada, let the label experts at Precision Label Ltd. customize your new craft beer label. We specialize in creating durable, adhesive custom beer labels that can withstand humidity, heat, and cold.

Learn More About Our Custom Beverage Labels
When you’re ready to distribute a beer, wine, or other bottled beverage, it’s critical to have a label that represents your company and its products. Our team at Precision Label Ltd. can create your label’s custom graphics and see its implementation through from the design stage to large-scale distribution.

If you are presently using glued paper labels, Precision Label Ltd. can take your existing graphics and make your new labels not only stand out, but jump off the shelf.

Call Us to Place Your Order Today
At Precision Label Ltd., we let our portfolio do the talking for us. Interested customers can view a small sampling of our online portfolio of customized labels. For more information or actual samples, contact us to receive a sample package, request a quote, or ask a question about our labels.

Food & Grocery
Government and food industry regulations require nutritional details and information regarding ingredients to be completely legible on all products. Consumers are also more interested these days in learning about products before they purchase them, so high-quality labels are very important. Precision Label Ltd. produces labels for baked goods, cheese and dairy products, cooking oils, health foods, meat products, pasta, processed foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, sauces, and more. Our food and grocery labels use temperature-resistant adhesives that are extremely durable, designed to withstand freezing, heat, and moisture. These types of labels are ideal for flash-frozen, refrigerated, and frozen food applications and are suitable for most surfaces, including squeezable plastic containers of those with curves or indentations.

Petroleum & Fertilizer
These types of labels are designed to withstand the challenges of extreme temperatures, along with sunlight, chemicals, moisture, dirt, and water. Labels for these kinds of products usually have important or helpful information, such as disposal guidelines, cautionary statements, safety and first aid directions as well as general usage instructions. Our labels are specifically made so that they will remain intact and fully readable for the life of the product.

Digital Labels
At Precision Label Ltd., we are able to offer the digital option for printing labels for our valued customers. Our partners employ some of the finest printing technology to ensure the best possible results for your digital printing project. Suitable for smaller or highly variable production runs, digital print technology allows you to create a high-quality professional look for quantities as small as 1,000 labels.

HP Indigo WS6600
The HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press is the most cost-effective, high-quality printing solution for low-to mid-volume labels and packaging production. The industry's best-selling mainstream solution and the choice of the world's leading brands, the press delivers high throughput and superior colour quality.

EFI™ Jetrion® 4900
In the recent past, producing flexographic or digital labels meant you needed multiple production steps. With digital printing systems, however, the need for plate-making, make-ready labour, and substrate waste was eliminated. However, it was still necessary to use converters to finish offline, adding steps to the process and still creating waste. By utilizing the EFI™ Jetrion® 4900 UV Inkjet System, we can go from a print file directly to a finished roll without any extra steps or interruption.

A PakSense temperature monitoring unit is a type of temperature recorder designed to monitor perishable goods for quality and freshness. Many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers determine the safety of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive materials using PakSense temperature recorders. Precision Label Ltd. is the Exclusive Western Canadian Distributor of PakSense, which is designed to help businesses distribute and store their products with peace of mind. PakSense products monitor produce, seafood, poultry, beverages, flowers, meat, frozen foods, vaccines, clinical trials, biologics, and various chemicals including those used in semi-conductor manufacturing. Any perishable or temperature-sensitive product can be monitored with a PakSense solution.

How Do PakSense Labels Work?
PakSense Labels feature a temperature sensor that does not require ongoing calibration to maintain accuracy. The labels conduct a surface reading of the object to which they are attached, providing a much closer estimate of the product's actual temperature. Other more traditional types of temperature recorder only provide ambient temperature readings. The unique design of PakSense Labels makes them very versatile, and they can even be sent through the mail in order for the recorded information to be downloaded at a central location.

What Does a PakSense Label Look Like?
PakSense Labels are flat and about the size of a large postage stamp. They are capable of monitoring the time and temperature of a perishable product's environment for up to 90 days. A signal from Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) indicates if the specified temperature is altered. All data collected by the label can be downloaded and graphed to display when and for how long the product was outside the designated temperature range. For example, this would record how long fruit and vegetables did not remain chilled, meat products were allowed to partially thaw, or pinpoint a driver's location at the time, determining the responsibility for any spoiled goods.

These types of labels are not just suitable for food products but for anything that is temperature sensitive, including labels that might peel off in higher than expected temperatures, ruining a product during transit. For further information about Paksense Labels, please contact Precision Label Ltd.

Paksense also offers reusable solutions for increased flexibility and environmental friendliness.

enviro envelope
Envirolope is a patented product, offered exclusively by Precision Label Ltd. The Envirolope replaces the familiar 10 x 13 interoffice envelopes. These types of envelopes have been used for many years for internal mail within companies. The internal office envelope has always been very useful, since the same material can be circulated to all those who needed to see the enclosed documents, information, or memos, indicating that they had received and possibly reviewed the material.

However, due to constant handling, these envelopes eventually wear out, like most paper products. Regular envelopes are not only continually delivered to many different people during the initial circulation, but are often reused, as long as they remain in sufficiently good condition. The Envirolope reduces the waste associated with the traditional interoffice envelope, which is replaced with a unique envelope featuring durable, versatile Tyvek. A removable 8 1/2" x 11 label is adhered to the envelope. Once the label is full, you simply remove it and add a new one.

Tyvek resembles paper and can be written on with pencils, pens, or markers. However, unlike paper, Tyvek is tear resistant, spill proof, and can withstand extremes of temperature or exposure to oils, grease, and other chemicals. Envirolopes last ten to twenty times as long as regular interoffice envelopes, are very economical and completely recyclable, saving you money while protecting the environment. For further information about Envirolope, please contact us.

Generic Labels
Precision Label Ltd. has a wide selection of generic labels for impact, thermal-transfer, direct thermal, and laser labelling applications for different applications. Labels can be employed for manufacturing, retail, point of sale material, price and promotional stickers, barcodes, sequential numbering, and indoor or outdoor use. Our generic labels are suitable for office, business, or home use and are available in different shapes and sizes and come with a variety of adhesives.
Bumper Stickers
Our custom bumper stickers are printed with UV resistant inks on white or coloured vinyl and are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Bumper stickers are usually square, round, or rectangular, but can be made to your required shape. In ideal conditions, our stickers will not chip or fade for between 3 and 5 years. They will also not damage vehicle paint or leave adhesive residue when they are removed.

Health & Beauty
Precision Label Ltd. produces labels specifically designed for a wide variety of medical, health, beauty, and nutritional products. Our medical and health labels include those for over-the-counter and prescription medications, nutritional products, supplements and vitamins, and labels with security features. Labels for these kinds of products usually have important information that conforms to government regulations, such as cautionary guidelines and first aid directions, as well as general usage instructions. Our labels are specifically made so that they will remain intact and fully readable for the life of the product. Labels for health and beauty product packaging need to withstand a number of different conditions, including frequent exposure to moisture and water in showers and bathrooms. Our labels are designed with this in mind, as well as the fact that many of these types of products have containers with curved surfaces.