Custom Beer Labels

Couple looking at custom wine and beer labels in Calgary

Order Our Custom Beer Labels available in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Your microbrewery is the hottest new spot in town. With your growing following of beer lovers, now you’re ready to expand to the retail market.

Before you get your one-of-a-kind beer to every liquor store in Canada, let the label experts at Precision Label Ltd. customize your new microbrew label. We specialize in creating durable, adhesive custom beer labels that can withstand humidity, heat, and cold.

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When you’re ready to distribute a beer, wine, or other bottled beverage, it’s critical to have a label that represents your company and its products. Our team at Precision Label Ltd. can create your label’s custom graphics and see its implementation through from the design stage to large-scale distribution.

If you are presently using paper labels, Precision Label can take your existing graphics and make your new labels not only stand out, but jump off the shelf.

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At Precision Label Ltd., we let our portfolio do the talking for us. Interested customers can view a small sampling of our online portfolio of customized labels  . For more information or actual samples, contact us to receive a sample package.

Since 1992, we have become the largest label manufacturer in Alberta and one of the largest label manufacturers in Western Canada. We provide a wide range of comprehensive label-making services.

Call us at (403) 203-1420 to make an inquiry. Or to request a quote for your custom beer labels in Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver please fill out our quote form with your company’s information.